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Women respond to cruel comments about their bodies in awesome photo series

“You’d be perfect if you lost a little weight.”

“Eat a sandwich, beanpole. No one wants to cuddle a twig!”

“Why are you wearing so much makeup? Guys don’t like that.”

There’s about a 1,500 percent chance you’ve heard one of the unwanted comments if you’re a woman existing in the world. Comments like these — no matter how “well-meaning” they’re purported to be — are designed to bring us down a few notches and let us know that we’re not as great as we think we are.

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Photographer Jess Fielder made those cutting comments the subject of her latest project. In the photos, all posted on Facebook, Fielder photographs beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and ages showing the various terrible comments they’re received about their looks.
“These women were willing to bare not just their bodies, but a little bit of their hearts, for this project,” the photographer wrote.

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“I asked them to write down something another person has said to them in their lives about their bodies that impacted their self-confidence negatively. Then I had them write down something they know to be true of themselves that has nothing to do with physicality.”
The photos are truly beautiful and show that no one — no one — is ugly or worthless. We all have our own uniqueness to share with the world, and haters can kick rocks.
“I loved the moment of seeing their faces and demeanors change when they held up the second card,” Fielder wrote. “They are all beautiful. Period. I hope that for at least those couple hours, they knew it to be true.”

Here’s hoping they — and all of us — feel beautiful and worthy for a lot longer than a couple of hours.

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