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Stop condemning celebs for deleting pics of their ex on social media

Celebrities erasing social media photos of exes has become a hot topic. has a piece on celebs who wiped traces of all their exes on Instagram that made me wonder why people can’t delete whatever photos they like from their past relationships without being questioned if the relationship really existed.

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When non-celebrities deletes photos from social media sites, I am doubtful that family or friends question this move. Typically it’s done as a coping mechanism to delete the photos and move on. By wiping away the memories from social media, it helps them metaphorically erase the memories from their own minds. For celebrities whose fans thrive on seeing them in photos, it might bring about a different response when the past relationship pictures are deleted and inquisitive media sites want to know why. I do not think it is fair to say the relationships never existed just because a celebrity deleted the evidence and wanted to move on without photos remaining in the media’s eye.

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A social-media purge is also a helpful way to move on. Who wants to enter their next relationship while photos of their exes are still popping up? Now imagine being a celebrity and having to be surrounded by your past relationships across the media. Think of it as like going into someone’s home where old relationship photos are still up on the wall — wouldn’t this cause a red flag to go up for you? Is this person over his or her ex? It’s the same for pictures on your social media account — even for celebrities. Fans may want to see photos of their favorite celebrities and their partners, but if they don’t want to be reminded of their past, neither do celebs.

Moving on after a breakup is different for everyone and depends on how he or she manages the transition. Being able to focus on yourself and self-care are great tips to remember when you breakup or are broken up with. Your healing process is your own, and if you feel like taking down old photos and memories is part of that process, then go ahead and delete.

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