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Adorable DNC proposal will make all the politics go away

There are adorable proposals and then there are adorable proposals. This one is the latter kind.

Is that the sweetest thing in the world?

The guy is DNC staffer Andrew Binns and during the first day, he invited his girlfriend and fellow staffer Liz Hart up on stage to take “a commemorative photo.” Instead, the giant screen began to play a video featuring photos of the couple’s various adventures as well as the line: “will you marry me?” carved into beach sand. All was set to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

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Pure cuteness.

What is even more awesome about all this is the fact that these two are on the same side. The truth is, for political junkies, this is the time. And two political junkies who love one another and are fighting for the same cause have a much higher chance of long-term happiness than anyone else.

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I adore my husband, but every year around November, I get sad that he is not more politically engaged. These conventions are like my Super Bowl and I love every second of them. For him, they’re just a snooze-fest. Sure, he is a liberal like me, but not with the same gusto. Being on the same side in politics makes for passionate sex and a whole lot of fun on the campaign trail.

I see a lifetime of happiness for these two.

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