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How to use your Pokémon Go obsession to find love

Finding a date online is like finding a Magmar: You search and search for that elusive character that’ll make your game complete, but all you end up finding is a bunch of Pidgeys that aren’t that special.

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The best way to catch the best dates? Find one that caters to your PokéObession. And yes, one exists!

PokéDates is one of the many businesses that have popped up to take advantage of the Pokémon Go phenomenon — and it’s pretty brilliant. Created by the brains behind Project Fixup, PokéDates finds you someone to play the game with, and it’s more like a matchmaking service.

It’s pretty easy, too. First, you have to sign up for a Project Fixup account, then “tell us about yourself and what you seek in a PokéMate. One of our specialists will review your PokéProfile,” according to the website.

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“Let us know when you’re free and we’ll start searching for someone you can explore and battle with,” it continues. When you’re matched, all you have to do is “show up at the right place and time and you can catch ‘em all together on your PokéDate!”

The first PokéDate is free, and then it’s $20 for every date. If the match isn’t your type? At the very least, you can get a few tips from another player — and maybe even find a few of the rarer Pokémons. Win-win.

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