Woman has the perfect date with herself after being stood up

Being stood up sucks, but it doubly sucks when you traveled a great distance only to get rejected in the worst way possible.

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That’s exactly what happened to Mimi Black. The Irish woman schlepped from the west coast of her country to Glasgow, in Scotland. Her travel likely included spending money on airline tickets and a hotel, so she dished out a lot of cash to get dissed. But did she let it get her down?


“A boy stood me up so I decided to have the best date with myself, and it was great,” she wrote on Twitter, along with photos of her epic experience that showed she could plan a date that was 1,000 percent better than one this no-show dude could’ve planned. And she Snapchatted the whole experience before later posting it on Twitter.

Image: AymieBlack/Twitter

First, she stopped by Ann Summers, a sex toy and lingerie store, to pick up some lingerie. Then, she quenched her thirst with some sex — well, a sex on the beach cocktail.

Image: AymieBlack/Twitter

She topped it off with ice cream before heading home to model her lingerie.

Image: AymieBlack/Twitter

The guy later apologized, but it was for the best because Black, who battles bipolar disorder and blogs about mental health, found out just how strong she is.

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“I managed to muster up the courage to travel into the city myself and meet someone I’ve been speaking to for a few months,” she told the U.K. Mirror. “Without divulging too many personal details, he had missed two other meetings with me, but with his own reasons.”

Image: AymieBlack/Twitter

The lesson here: “People will fuck you over — it’s up to you what you do about it.”

“If I wasn’t stood up, I wouldn’t have saw (sic) the Ann Summers sale,” she added. “Who’s the real winner?”

You are, Mimi. You are.

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