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Finally, we can stop being self-conscious about how our vaginas taste

If you are like most women, you have wondered once or twice what your vagina tastes and smells like. We come by this curiosity honestly. Commercials for feminine hygiene products would have us all believe that there is something wrong with us “down there.” We smell. We are “not so fresh.” It can be very disconcerting.

A new video from Cosmopolitan aims to end that concern once and for all. See below:

Vaginas taste sweet and depend on what you eat?! Fascinating. Sign me up for some pineapple, please. In all seriousness, I have turned my husband down on his offers to go down on me more than once out of concern for cleanliness and smell. Maybe the trick is we should all go down on a woman or two so we can know for sure there is nothing weird or rank about it.

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I have asked my husband multiple times to describe why he likes it, because it’s hard for me to understand. But he does. And how. He always answers with some version of “it’s the most intimate thing we can do.” And it’s true. There is something about being down there and letting someone put their face in your crotch that really says you are all in, am I right? So it’s kind of sad that so many women are missing that amazing feeling because they are scared of how they smell or taste. Maybe this video can put a rest to that today.

But also, ask your partner, female or male, to tell you how you taste and smell. Chances are, if they go down on you, they like it, right? And why on Earth don’t men have these same issues? Men wouldn’t say no to a blow job if they’d just run 10 miles in 90-degree heat on day three of not showering. They’d drop trou in .5 seconds if the ladies were offering. So why are we so shy?

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Maybe it’s because everything is on the inside. Or maybe it’s because we’ve had years of commercials telling us we might have that “not so fresh” feeling while peddling scented pantyliners and completely unnecessary douche products. But our time is now. Let’s stop denying ourselves sexual pleasure in the name of self-consciousness and start believing that we might actually taste and smell good.

Viva la revolucion.

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