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Mindfulness for busy working moms — yes it is possible

One can imagine that with raising five kids and working full time as a digital entrepreneur and the sole provider for my family, life can get overwhelming and stressful at times.

On an average day, I’m here, there and everywhere. My kids are involved in so many different activities throughout the year that just managing their schedules alone can be a gigantic juggling act. Then toss in my work schedule. Every single day is different. In just the past seven days, I’ve been in Rhode Island, New York, Chicago and New Hampshire. Again, that’s just the past seven days! I don’t want anything in my family life or my work life to change. My family is my reason for being, and I love seeing my kids and my husband involved in things that they love to do. My work is my passion. As my business grows, the demands on me grow, but it’s something I always dreamed of happening… so staying focused and on course is part of the work climb forward.

My life is in constant motion, and truth be told, I love it. The one thing I promised myself I would do in 2016 is to be more conscious of the constant motion and stress that it brings me. I truly committed to making this year better through mindfulness. What I love about mindfulness is that it can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. Aetna inspired all of this in me because they believe that taking a moment for yourself every day can help reduces stress and boost overall well-being.

Here are five ways I’m giving myself moments of reflection and mindfulness.

1. Every morning before I get out of bed, I just lay still and take five deep breaths in and out

Even if I hear the kids downstairs. Even if I’m away on a business trip. Even if I wake up later than usual. Even if I’m waking up to catch a 5 a.m. flight. I take these five deep breaths in and out. It relaxes me and allows me to take time in that moment to just be. This is something everyone can do. And the best part – you can do it in the morning or at night before you fall asleep. I love this easy exercise that you can do anywhere.

2. I really committed to exercising this year

I’ve always been big into fitness, but throughout the years, I’ve let it come and go. This year, I have added fitness and exercise into my life as a required to-do item. For me, exercise is like my yoga and meditation. It centers me. It balances me. It helps me mentally, emotionally and physically. I think the biggest misconception about exercising is that people think you need to go hard every single day. I just want to keep myself moving. My goal is 20 minutes a day of something: walking, running, biking, chasing the kids, swimming. To me, it’s all about 20 minutes. You can do anything for 20 minutes.

3. I am hydrating myself better

I never realized just how much my body needed and craved water. Every time you see me, I have a water bottle on me. Throughout the day, I always make sure (especially now!) that I’m hydrated.

4. I stay in constant touch with the people in my life who make me whole

I’ve always been very close to my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law and a few others. With life getting so crazy over the past few years, I hadn’t been keeping in touch with the people who make me laugh and feel the most loved. I changed all that this year. There’s nothing like a 30-minute conversation with someone who loves you and with whom you love back. The connection fills your soul and makes you feel happy. The beauty is that I can be honest with these people about the stresses of my life, and they are there to help me and want to listen. I love that.

5. I always make sure there are flowers on my kitchen table

This one is something I started doing a few months ago, and it’s brought so much happiness into my life. Flowers calm me. Flowers make me happy. Flowers are easy to get and show the world. I love having a beautiful display. Even with the clutter and chaos around the house with the kids, the flowers bring everything to a relaxed level.

Make sure you take a moment in your life to breathe, relax and enjoy life. Try this by bringing some of these tips into your every day to give you more peace.



Image: Audrey McClelland/SheKnows
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