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Lennie’s communication issues on My Big Fat Fabulous Life are relationship red flags

Last week on My Big Fat Fabulous Life,  we watched Whitney questioning her boyfriend because Lennie’s truck missing from his driveway and unresponsive to her calls.

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Why was Lennie ignoring Whitney? Whitney said they had not spoken for around 14 hours that day, and when she drove by his home on the way to her early morning internship at around 3 am, she noticed his truck was missing. He eventually told her that he was down the street helping or supporting a friend who needed him. But the question remains, why did he not return any of her texts or phone calls in this time period?

For anyone in Whitney’s situation you know that jumping to conclusions will not reduce your anxiety, but addressing the issue with your partner can help. Whitney tries to calm her worries but feels anxious and upset since there is an unknown issue going on between them.

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When dating, it is expected that there will be regular communication between partners, even if it’s just a quick text. While you may not always speak in 24 hrs time span, if one person reached out and was ignored, it shows there might be a problem. If you feel that this is a pattern in the relationship where one person is unresponsive or lacking communication skills, it might be worth addressing it before it leads to other issues in the relationship. Keeping the lines of communication open to address issues is a must in any healthy relationship. So, whether it is just a communication error that occurs once or a pattern of unhealthy communication style this can be addressed before more problems surface in the relationship.

Whitney deserves a lot of credit for handling the situation. She talked about her feelings and thoughts to others, listened to her intuition, and communicated her thoughts and worries to Lennie (upon eventually finding him at home and going to discuss this issue with him). However her decision to let this incident pass and continue to see if Lennie can communicate better in the future might be a red flag if Lennie’s pattern continues. Time will tell if Lennie’s promise to work on his communication for Whitney will stick.

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