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Woman went on her honeymoon without her husband and it was hilarious

Honeymoons are supposed to be for newlywed couples only, but one Pakistani woman opted to go on hers with her in-laws. Well, it wasn’t exactly her choice — she was forced into it after her husband was barred from the trip.

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Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever Butt married seven months ago and were all set to go on their wedding trip to Greece, but visa issues kept Butt from leaving the country.
Rather than lose all of the money spent on the trip, Mobin begrudgingly traveled with her mother- and father-in-law.

“[My husband] is the life of the party and we are wild when together,” Mobin told A Plus. “So going abroad without him was leaving half of my craziness behind. I cried almost for two nights in his arms, telling him I can’t go. I had to go because he begged [and told] me that we’d be wasting a good fortune from our savings if neither of us go.”

Her mother-in-law also advised her to make the best of it — and that’s exactly what she did, to hilarious results.

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Mobin took in all the sights solo and chronicled them on Instagram. Each pose showed her with her arm around an imaginary person with plenty of sad mugging.

She got the idea from her husband, who did the same pose when he had to take a solo business trip before their wedding.

Her experience is opening a lot of eyes around the world, especially in her home country.

“From the part of [Pakistan] where I come from, my story has piqued a lot of interest as going without a husband and especially with in-laws seems like the most unnatural, crazy thing to do. But I’ve been blessed with a husband and family that appreciate the weirdness and treat me like a daughter they never had. It’s opening up minds of people,” she told A Plus. “And to all couples out there, traveling is an investment with infinite returns!”

These two seem like an awesome couple. Maybe they’ll get to repeat the photos someday — together.

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