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Take it from this woman — you need to be wearing protective glasses at the dentist

There’s a reason you have to put on those ill-fitting glasses at the dentist. One woman didn’t, and she paid the price.

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It all started when Jenn Morrone went in for a root canal in 2013. The needle used to numb her teeth with Novocaine was accidentally dropped and landed in her eye. If that wasn’t bad enough, bacteria from her teeth was on the needle and ended up in her eye, creating a nasty infection that didn’t clear with several rounds of antibiotics.

The infection eventually got so bad that Morrone’s eye had to be removed.
It might have been a freak accident, but freak accidents are the exact reason why the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all dentists require the use of eye protection on all patients. It isn’t legally required, though, so Morrone’s dentist technically didn’t break the law by not requiring it.

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Still, that doesn’t mean she didn’t suffer.

“I really trusted my dentist,” Morrone said in a recent interview with CBS Philly. “I did not know eye protection was so important.”

She eventually sued her dentist and won — and now she’s speaking out to keep it from happening to anyone else.

“I want you to tell friends, tell your family, anyone who goes to the dentist, which is pretty much everybody: When you go, you have to wear eye protection,” she said.

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