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Engaged couple’s method for picking groomsmen rivals the Summer Olympics

I’m not married yet, but I’ve often wondered how I’ll pick my wedding party when that time comes. I’m one of the lucky people who have several close friends and family members that I’d want by my side, so picking the actual bridal party seems like a daunting task.

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I figured I’d just have my sister and be done with it — to not hurt any feelings — but one man’s idea has me reconsidering. In the spirit of the Olympic Games, a Nebraska-based groom and reporter opted to pick his wedding party by conducting a Groomsmen Olympics.

“The best man, whom I picked before the competition, was safe in first place but would be fighting for bragging rights,” Chris Peters wrote in an article for the Omaha World Herald. “The top three finishers would be groomsmen, with the winner claiming a broken plastic wrestling championship belt. The next three would be ushers. Last place would hold the leash for [his fiance’s] dog during the ceremony.”

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And Peters went all out. “I designed a logo with interlocking rings, one of which was topped by a diamond,” Peters wrote. “The best man commissioned a $35 theme song from a Massachusetts songwriter who records songs in his basement.”

The events ranged from an obstacle course to a groomsmen’s version of Jeopardy! — and it lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

“We designed a scoring system that mirrored Mario Kart: 15 points for winning a competition, 12 points for second, 10 for third and scaling down from there,” Peters continued. “At 3:53 a.m., the scores were tallied. Jake held onto his lead. Josh earned a groomsman berth behind him, in second place. Two roommates, Chuck and Quinton, jockeyed for the last groomsman spot until the final competition, where Q took the W. And Timmy? Come the wedding in October, he’ll be holding the dog.”

On second thought, this seems like a lot of work — especially since I’ll likely be the one doing a lot of the wedding planning. It’s cute, but maybe I’ll stick to my one-person wedding party after all.

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