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John Legend loves Chrissy Teigen’s extra weight, like a real man

I know what you’re thinking: The last thing the world needs is more proof that John Legend is one of the greatest husbands to ever walk the planet. But the sooner we accept this as a fact and move on with our lives, the better off we’ll all be. Legend yet again said something ridiculously beautiful to wife Chrissy Teigen, the equally ridiculously beautiful model, TV show host and cookbook author who gave birth to their daughter, Luna Simone, in April.

Only this time you’ll be happy to know that Legend’s sentiment is one felt by a lot of husbands — and it’s a damn shame more women don’t realize it or feel the same about their own bodies.

You see, even though Teigen looks perfect and svelte in photos just months after giving birth, she has never been the type to hide her true self from fans or from haters. After admitting to E! News that it’s no small feat to lose baby weight, she revealed that she is in a “rut” when it comes to dieting and exercise. She is taking her sweet time getting back into shape and relies on undergarments to help create a leaner line.

And guess who doesn’t give a damn if she has a few pounds she wants to lose — Legend, who, Teigen says, “loves the new pieces,” referring to her new post-baby curves.

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I’m sure plenty of jerky and insensitive men exist out there, but I have to say, I have never personally met a man who had anything but lovely things to say about his wife or girlfriend after she has given birth to their child. Most are left feeling such an intense amount of respect for their partners, particularly if they witnessed them in labor (and in torturous pain), that they walk around looking a bit googly-eyed for a few months after the big event.

As for their wives’ bodies, many men — and not just uber-perfect men like Legend — share in the belief that a few extra pounds on their wives’ frames makes them look healthy and sexy. Speaking on a personal note, my husband was completely fascinated by my breasts and the fact that I didn’t look like a ruler. There was never a second when he suggested I lose the baby weight as fast as possible, and not just because he knew he’d be sleeping on the couch after passing that kind of remark.

I honestly think men appreciate our curves. We’re the ones messing it all up for ourselves.

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Every time I come across one of a gazillion online posts you see every day about a celeb mom dropping her baby weight as if gaining weight to care for her baby was a shameful sin, I think, the only people viewing these articles are women. Women like me, who want to make sure I’m not slacking when it comes to getting myself back. The implication there is that a postpartum woman is somehow not herself. Until we begin to understand that this phase in our lives is as much a part of our lives as every other, we won’t accept that our bodies are supposed to look like this right now and that it’s OK.

As for our partners, as long as you have one who has not temporarily lost his mind and decided to critique your curves, you should know that he probably shares at least one thing in common with Legend: He loves and appreciates your body the way it is — now it’s up to you to feel the same.

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