The only workout items you’ll ever need for at-home fitness

Working out, like most things, is more likely to happen if it’s convenient for you. Not having all the equipment you need to complete a workout is one of the most inconvenient things we can think of, so we’ve put together the top four items that you need at your home to complete (almost) any workout!

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1. Kettlebells

These are some of our favorite pieces of equipment! There’s just so much you can do with a kettlebell. They come in a variety of weights, but we like using anywhere between 5 and 15 pounds, depending on where you are in your fitness journey. The reason we love them so much is they’re easy to grip with one or two hands, making swinging or passing moves a cinch.

Check out one of our favorite kettlebell routines.

2. Exercise ball

That funny, oversized beach ball you always see at the gym? It’s actually an incredible tool for your workouts! Exercise balls make any move a core exercise by working on your stability and balance. It fires up your proprioceptors, causing your body to work harder, utilize more muscle fibers and burn extra calories! It can also double as a bench surface for you to perform a fly, bent-over rows or tricep extensions. Try our total body exercise ball routine.

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3. Dumbbells

Can’t forget about these! Tried and true for so many years, dumbbells are useful for essentially any workout. Take your squats to the next level by holding two dumbbells by your side. Tone your abs a little more by grabbing a weight while performing a crunch. Strengthen your arms and back by throwing in a dumbbell row while holding plank. The options are endless! We like having dumbbells between 5 and 10 pounds on hand at our own homes.

Need some dumbbell workout inspo? Check out our dumbbell workout.

4. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are incredible for so many reasons. First of all, they make working out while traveling a breeze because they’re lightweight and easy to pack. Second, the band provides resistance at different points than dumbbells or kettlebells.

For example, in a bicep curl with dumbbells, the hardest part of the curl is the initial move from a straight arm to slightly bent and gets easier as you bring it closer to your shoulders. With resistance bands it’s flip-flopped! The resistance gets more difficult as you get closer to your shoulders. This means by altering your equipment between resistance bands and dumbbells, you’re going to increase your results. They usually come in varying degrees of resistance so you can switch them out depending on the move you’re performing!

Need some ideas for resistance band moves? We’ve got you covered with this complete resistance band routine.

With these four items on hand and the workouts to pair them with, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your sweat sesh in!

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