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50 things I’ve learned from being married 50 years

My husband and I have been together 50 years this December. We’ve had our ups and downs, but overall it’s been great. We have three kids, nine grandkids, 11 great-grandkids and now a teen from Ethiopia. We’ve had such a great life together — and we’re still best friends. Here are a few things we’ve learned.

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  1. Put God first.
  2. Pray together.
  3. Go to church together.
  4. Be kind. Treat your spouse the way you want to be treated.
  5. Listen. Don’t just assume you know what your spouse is talking about. Really listen.
  6. Don’t go to bed angry. You won’t sleep well and neither will your spouse. Talk it out. Make up.
  7. Kiss a lot. You can’t be angry when you’re kissing.
  8. Hold hands whether you’re walking, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch — wherever you are.
  9. Plan for the future, but live and love as if there won’t be one.
  10. Laugh a lot! Have fun!
  11. Laugh at his jokes… funny or not.
  12. Never say negative things about your spouse to others.
  13. Never say negative things about your spouse to the kids.
  14. Try things your spouse enjoys, such as golf, ballet or exercise. You just might enjoy it, but if not, you tried it.
  15. Listen when he says he likes something. Take notes if necessary — it will help in buying great gifts.
  16. Share your dreams.
  17. Don’t list all his annoying habits when talking to others because he might list yours.
  18. Never say your spouse shouldn’t feel what he feels. Feelings are real.
  19. Take lots of photos!
  20. Spend time together. If he’s watching a movie you don’t really like, sit and read a good book!
  21. Dress for him. If he likes you in heels and short skirts, or jeans and T’s, wear them for him.
  22. If he wants a beard, it’s his face! Love him with or without!
  23. And it’s her hair, long or short; she has to take care of it. Compliment it either way.
  24. It’s OK if the house isn’t spotless. You live there. If anyone comes and complains, say goodbye!
  25. Make your spouse your focus when out in public. Nothing is worse than being ignored.
  26. Write in a journal. Important things are not always remembered correctly, but if you write it down…
  27. Never let the kids come between you. After they grow up and leave, it will just be the two of you.
  28. Don’t argue over money.
  29. Pick your battles and don’t scream and yell. You can’t take back words.
  30. Encourage your spouse. Let him know you believe in him always.
  31. Never belittle. Build up those you love. Negative words cut deep.
  32. If your spouse has a dream, encourage it.
  33. Do things together. You can’t grow old together if you’re always apart doing your own thing.
  34. Try to stay healthy. Keep moving, eat right and fight old age with all you have!
  35. Love your spouse for who he is from the start. Don’t try to change him; it doesn’t work!
  36. Don’t scream and yell during a disagreement. No one listens to that.
  37. Compliment your spouse daily. Even if you have to search to find a reason…
  38. Continue to date! Make time to just be together.
  39. Never call your spouse names. Unless it’s Honey, Sweetheart, etc.
  40. Avoid things you know annoys him, like leaving your shoes all over the house.
  41. Never forget special occasions.
  42. Don’t correct your spouse out in public, no matter how wrong he is!
  43. Be patient with each other.
  44. Don’t communicate through social media.
  45. Never laugh at your spouse’s bed head until you look in the mirror!
  46. Make memories. It doesn’t have to be a huge vacation — just be together while doing fun things.
  47. Spend lots of time together with loved ones, family and friends.
  48. Don’t put off doing things until a better time; it may not come.
  49. Respect each other.
  50. At the end of the day, go to bed holding each other.

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