Take Selma Blair's medicine mishap to heart because it can happen to anyone

Jun 22, 2016 at 7:50 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN.com

Most of us know that mixing pills and booze isn't a great idea, but sometimes mix-ups happen and they can lead to some strange behavior, as shown by actress Selma Blair's recent meltdown on an airplane.

"Super bad day" was how Blair described her erratic behavior on a recent flight. Witnesses said they saw her mixing wine and an unidentified drug before exclaiming, "He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me.” Her alarming statements got her a ride straight to the hospital after deplaning, but today she apologized saying she blacked out and doesn't actually remember any of the incident.

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But while many people are judging Blair for her rookie mistake, it's one that a lot of people make, especially since alcohol interacts with so many common medications. And I think we can all say that even if we've never personally made this mistake ourselves, we've seen someone who's obliviously taken an antidepressant, a muscle relaxant, an allergy pill or even an OTC pain med with their drink to ill effect. At worst, mixing drugs and booze (especially prescription pain pills) can lead to death or serious medical complications, but most of the time it's like Selma, random ranting on a plane. It's easy to sit back and judge a celebrity for a very public screwup, but honestly her incident falls barely above a nip slip and way below Ben cheating on Jen.

Not convinced? Here are four women on their own Super Bad Days:

Seeing fireworks

"I unintentionally mixed pain meds and alcohol on the 4th of July. It made for the best fireworks celebration ever! I kept ooh'ing and aah'ing while pointing at the sky and exclaiming how pretty all the lights were," says Kris Olson. "Only problem was, the fireworks show hadn't actually start yet!"

A Christmas blackout

"I was having some back pain and my doctor prescribed muscle relaxants. I’d never taken them before, so when I went to Christmas dinner at my parents' house I thought nothing of accepting a glass of wine with dinner," says one woman who wished to stay anonymous. "All I remember after that is feeling really drowsy during dinner and moving to the couch to nap, but according to my husband, I propositioned him in the bathroom of my parents house, offered to give him a blow job (and performed!), then fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I had to be carried to the car to be driven home. All this from one glass of wine…"

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Depression intensified

"My doctor warned me not to drink while taking my antidepressant because it could intensify it, but I was 18 and in college and not about to give up drinking forever because I have a mental illness," says an anonymous woman. "But it turns out, when he said intensify, he meant the depression not the medication because I was a hot mess. My friends found me sobbing and crying about how awful my life was. I don't remember any of it."

Just like Bridesmaids

"I've taken lots of prescription meds while drinking in the past — it leads to blackouts and crying fits and emotional outbursts I don't recall the next day," says Mariel Brown, adding that she really relates to Blair's story. "Anyone ever watch the movie Bridesmaids? Yeah, alcohol and anti-anxiety meds don't mix!"