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Hey Geminis! Your sign can tell you a lot about your sex life

5 sex positions Geminis will love

Gemini sex positions
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

Twins demand variety, so time with them is likely to be quite experimental, and that’s especially the case position-wise. Geminis are the great sexual multitaskers. No mere missionary will be satisfactory — and you’ll be changing it up quite a bit within a single session. They especially like positions that involve engagement with your arms — standing up against the wall and holding them above your head, tying them together (or to the bedpost), slowly kissing them from fingers to shoulders.

If you are a Gemini or are getting to know one, experiment with these positions:

1. The Stand and Carry

Stand and carry sex position
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

2. The Frisk

The frisk sex position
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

3. The Ballet Dancer

Ballet dancer sex position
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

4. The Handler

The handler sex position
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

5. Standing Missionary

Standing missionary
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

Bonus sex tips for Geminis

Geminis are the most oral of all signs (see every prior paragraph) so naturally they love to use their mouths and use them well. Thus they’re great kissers (offering lots of make-out variety) and amazingly adept at oral sex. Note that because they’re so quick to change their minds, they might not realize that they have to stay put until you orgasm. Speak up — the Gemini will hear you.

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Gemini also rules the lungs, so tantric breathing techniques are a wonderful way to connect and increase intimacy. Gems can get stuck in their very analytical heads sometimes and overthink things quite a bit. Coax your worried Gemini gently back into his/her body. Anytime you feel awkward and unaligned with your Gem partner or as a Gem partner, just try simply syncing up your breath — it creates an instant heart-to-heart connection.

Just remember that variety is the spice of life for the Gemini, sexually and otherwise. That roving eye is real, but don’t take it personally. Remind the Gem that you can play that game too, and the intrigue will be back in a hot second.

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