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Say goodbye to sunburns, courtesy of this tiny camera

Summer technically doesn’t start for a few more days, but the sunshine — and the heat — makes us want to chuck our responsibilities in favor of beach days and much-needed vitamin D.

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But with all that sunshine comes skin-damaging UV rays and the potential for skin cancer. More than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year, many of which could be prevented by using adequate sunscreen. And even if you do use good broad-spectrum coverage with high SPF, chances are good you’ll only apply about 25 to 50 percent of what you need.


So, what can you do? You could opt to bathe in sunscreen, but that’s not very practical — or you can invest in a mini camera that will show where you missed. The inventors behind the Sunscreenr are currently crowdfunding for the camera, which uses special technology to spot the areas you missed or the areas where your sunscreen has run off from sweating or water.

Image: Kickstarter

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“We humans are pretty amazing but actually our eyes are somewhat limited. Most of us see all the colors of the rainbow but that is just a tiny portion of the light that our sun makes,” creators David Cohen and Jon Meyer wrote on Kickstarter. Basically, the areas where you’ve applied sunscreen will show up darker than the areas that aren’t covered. To use it, you either enlist a friend to help or record and play back. The Sunscreenr even has a place for a mini tripod.

They’ve already raised about $90,000 with several days yet to go, so this camera — and better sunscreen coverage — should be a reality soon. The only downside: They’re not planning to launch the Sunscreenr until the end of the year, so you’re out of luck for this summer.

Maybe bathing in sunscreen is a good option for this year. I know I have to, judging from the sunburn I got today from running outside for 30 minutes.

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