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Man’s Twitter rant about the agony and ecstasy of marriage is a must-read

June is smack-dab in the middle of wedding season, and couples around the world are vowing to love each other for better or worse, for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of romance — and you should, for a while. But eventually, things settle down, and then what?

That’s when shit gets real.

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Twitter user Danny Tira Trago examined that in a series of 54 (!!) tweets that describe the pleasure and pain of being married. And it’s pretty eye-opening, even if you think already know what being legally attached to another person really means.

“I see so many people say stuff about marriage that I am like ‘you have no fukking (sic) clue,'” he wrote. “A lot of us think it’s all roses and fantasies and kingdoms and all that fluffy crap — it’s not.”

“I love being married and my wife brings me mad joy — but yo it’s real life and real life is hard,” he wrote.

“I remember before I got married I was like ‘I can’t understand why people get divorced,'” Trago added. “In my circle from when we got married — only two of us are still married — this was almost 16 years ago. I thought she and I were gonna inspire everyone to fall in love and have babies and our babies were gonna do the knowledge and win.”

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He also wrote about the bad times, like when his son got sick, and the good, like when his wife helped bring him out of the depths of serious depression after losing his job.

“But having doubts is normal — worrying is normal — it’s okay to have these ideas — we just have to be open and honest,” Trago wrote. “And fellas it’s okay to have insecurities it’s okay to feel vulnerable and it’s okay to feel hurt — that’s called the emotional spectrum.”

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Ultimately, he wrote that he wouldn’t change anything.

His whole series of tweets should be required reading for everyone — single or married.

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