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The latest party ‘drug’ is something you probably eat all the time

You might think you’re addicted to chocolate, but you aren’t addicted until you snort it.

Seriously: Apparently the latest trendy thing to do in European clubs is to sniff up lines of… cocoa powder.

My first thought is that the caffeine in the chocolate gives a temporary boost, but according to The Daily Mail, “It first provides a rush of endorphins into your bloodstream which can fuel feelings of euphoria, especially when coupled with dance music. The chocolate also contains high amounts of magnesium which relaxes your muscles.”

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Ravers in Berlin are even eschewing ecstasy in favor of dancing ’til dawn under the buzz of raw, pure chocolate that they snort, drink or take in pill form.

The trend is so on the up and up that Belgium chocolatier Dominique Persoone created a $50 snorting device that clubgoers are using to get the powder to their brain instantly.

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I’ll be honest… I had to check that the trend wasn’t first reported on The Onion, because it sounds so ridiculous. Sure, raw cacao is healthy — a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that its flavanols increase circulation and boost brain power.

But all that sniffing can’t be good, right? Chocolate sniffing expert Persoone insists it’s all fine. “The mentality when you think about sniffing is: ‘Oh it’s kinky, guys who do that stuff’,” he told The Daily Mail. “I’m not the bad boy promoting drugs, not at all… life is boring. Let’s have fun.”

I think I’ll stick to eating chocolate in candy bar form.

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