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These vibrators love your clitoris as much as you do

Stimulating your clitoris is a gateway to mind-blowing orgasms, but there is no one method that fits all, and that’s crucial to remember before you invest in a vibrator.

“Some people enjoy direct, powerful vibration while others prefer a light sweeping sensation — and others would prefer to keep their clitorises out of the picture completely,” says Anne Hodder, a sexuality coach and educator who works with sex toy manufacturers.

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Some clitoral vibes are actually made to be worn, like finger vibes, which makes the masturbation process easier, Hodder says. When choosing a vibrator, these hard, firm details must be considered.

“Plastic or ceramic can provide an intense sensation that fans of powerful and direct clitoral stimulation enjoy,” Hodder says. “Silicone is another popular and body-safe vibrator material and offers that firm sensation without the hardness of something like plastic, plus it warms to body temperature pretty quick. These materials are considered body-safe and are recommended for people looking to spend money on a sex toy made to last.”

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When shopping at a store, Hodder suggests looking for vibrators that have testers on display. “Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one way to buzz,” she says. “Some vibrators offer a fast buzzy type of vibration while others give off a deeper rumble.”

What’s with the weird shapes?

Rest assured there’s a good reason for their various curves and fork-like apparatus. Some vibrators have forked ends that sit against either side of the clitoris, almost like a cradle or tuning fork, that are made specifically for people who like direct and intense vibration, Hodder says. Others have a scoop-like end that almost cups the clitoris for a “surround sound” type of stimulation. Some are textured with ridges or little nubs and others have thin, flexible fin-like extensions that flutter.

It’s all about options! Without further ado, Hodder suggests six new vibrators that stimulate the clitoris:

1. PoP Vibe by Screaming O

PoP Vibe by Screaming O
Image: Screaming O

Hodder describes this one as “a handy clitoral vibrator with an elongated and angled neck, which makes it great for people who have a hard time reaching certain external erogenous zones. It’s also super comfortable to hold and is easy on the wrist.” It boasts three powerful speeds and the vibrating end is coated in body-safe silicone. And they come in bright colors because, why not have a little fun with your fun? (Screaming O, $30).

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2. Womanizer W500 Pro

Womanizer W500 Pro
Image: The Pleasure Chest

“Worst brand name EVER and yeah, it looks a lot like an ear thermometer, but this sex toy has been blowing everyone’s minds thanks to its powerful suction sensation,” Hodder says. “Some people say it can inspire orgasm in less than a few minutes and others appreciate having a unique alternative to vibration that can get them off faster and easier. The W500 model offers two different sized heads — because clitorises don’t come in one shape or size! — which is a nice upgrade but you’ve got to be willing to pay the price” (The Pleasure Chest, $220).

3. Screamin’ Demon by Screaming O

Screamin’ Demon by Screaming O
Image: Screaming O

This mini vibe is a powerful bullet encased in a body-safe silicone sleeve shaped for direct clitoral stimulation, Hodder says. Its flexible “horns” serve the purpose of cradling the clitoris and a firm, rounded bead in the center provides firmer pressure (Screaming O, $18).

4. Eroscillator

Image: SheVibe

Hodder calls this one “a must-have for people who’ve tried lots of vibrators but have yet to find something that can get them off in a satisfying way.” It may look like a “spaceship/electric toothbrush hybrid,” but Hodder says this is the original oscillating massager and has helped countless people experience orgasm for the first time. It comes with several attachments and is endorsed by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer (Eroscillator, starts at $109).

5. Touch Plus by We-Vibe

Touch Plus by We-Vibe
Image: Amazon

If you’re searching for a “no-frills clit vibe” that offers strong and powerful vibration, this one is for you. The Touch Plus comes in a body-safe silicone shape with a little scooped divot on one side that can cradle the clitoris if you like, Hodder says. “It feels amazing in the hand and is comfortable to hold for long periods of time, plus it’s rechargeable and 100 percent waterproof”

6. Intro 2 by Jimmyjane

Intro 2 by Jimmyjane
Image: Jimmy Jane

This vibrator has a forked tip and a powerful motor in each tip, which Hodder says guarantees intense vibration power and offers a unique way to stimulate the clitoris without having to make direct contact. “Simply position the clitoris between each tip and try pinching or squeezing them together, almost like a clit sandwich,” Hodder says (Jimmy Jane, $59).

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