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We really don’t need to know Kim Kardashian’s waist measurement

In case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian is losing weight, and it appears her goal is to reach the weight she was in 2010, before she became a mom.

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Kardashian has been sharing her workout routines on social media and regularly Snapchatting her progress. Most of us don’t know what our best friend weighs, but we know that (as of a few days ago) Kardashian weighs 132 pounds, and the size of her waist was 26 inches on Thursday. She has “12 pounds to go to reach 2010 Kim.”

She’s making great progress toward reaching her goals, and for that she should be applauded. Whoever you are, it takes dedication and willpower to follow a fitness regime and to stick to a healthy diet, and many moms find it difficult after pregnancy to shift that baby weight.

It’s also refreshing to hear that Kardashian finds losing weight a challenge, and she certainly seems to be going about it the right way: regular hikes and other outdoor activities, workouts under the guidance of a personal trainer and the Atkins diet (not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she’s not starving herself). Her younger child, Saint West, was born in December 2015, so it’s taking her several months to lose the weight she gained (52 pounds, she has revealed) — far easier for the average mom to relate to than the celebrities who seem to be back in their size 2 jeans a week after giving birth.

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On the other hand, do we really need to know Kim Kardashian’s actual waist size? Plenty of us don’t care, but here’s the thing: Lots of people do. Lots of people — mainly teenagers and young women — hang onto her every word and want to emulate her in all kinds of ways. Whether or not you think she’s a legitimate celebrity is irrelevant, and she is relevant. She’s the second-most-followed person on Instagram (after Taylor Swift) and is reported to be worth $52.5 million.

It’s naive to think that a huge number of Kardashian’s devoted fans won’t have reached for the tape measure to check how their waist measurement compared to their idol’s. For that reason, Kardashian’s waist size doesn’t need to be public knowledge. The last thing impressionable young women need is to have another reason for trying to shrink themselves to fit unrealistic beauty standards. There’s so much more to health, fitness, beauty and feeling great about yourself than a bunch of numbers — on your jean label, on your scales, on your tape measure — and that’s the message young women should be getting.

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