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Only Coco Austin could make scheduling sex sound this hot

Coco Austin and Ice T have always had what appears to be a fairly hot marriage. The long-together couple seem to revel in each other and definitely strike me as having more longevity than most other Hollywood couples. But as new parents, Austin admits their sex life has become different.

“We plan it out now, but we plan around it now. Before, it was just, like, whatever goes. But now it’s all planned out, like we’re gonna go to dinner and get down at this time. But I have it all coordinated now. I’m very organized.”

How funny is that? It is also a reality of the parent sex life. Spontaneity is still a thing. It happens. But if you want more sex, you have to plan it.

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As a mom of three, I know what Austin means. We do still have sex on the fly. If there is a free moment on a weekend, especially during our toddler’s nap time, we take it. But that doesn’t always happen. We have other things we want to fit in, or we have plans. If we want to keep an active sex life, we have to schedule it. And it’s not just sex either. Date nights. Date weekends away. Even just picking nights when we are both home after we put the kids to bed so we can decompress and talk. And yes, we also sometimes schedule sex. If we didn’t, we’d have it only once a week at best.

It’s not just for parents. Our lives are busy. We schedule everything — our manicures, our workday, our lunch dates with friends — why on earth would we not also pencil in a little bang here and there? Who says sex has to be spontaneous to be hot? No one who is busy would ever say that.

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Try it. You might see your marriage look as hot as Ice T and Coco’s too. No matter how unromantic it seems, once you start kissing and feeling, you will forget it was in your iCal and remember only how good it feels to do it.

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