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Magical plate promises to soak up calories from food, but there’s a catch

If there’s one thing I’m tired of, it’s food having calories. Sure, I could say no to that extra scoop of ice cream, but I’m not into torture.

That’s why I was pumped to hear about the easiest way to cut calories since I learned about pizza blotting in junior high. An ad agency in Thailand has developed the AbsorbPlate, a dinner plate that they say cuts calories from food.

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“Thai food is delicious but sometimes very greasy,” BBDO Bangkok wrote in a product entry for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The Thai people have the second-highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia, likely because of the high calories used in the oils added to stir-fries and fried dishes. “Unhealthy eating behavior is hard to change, and most Thai people go for what’s delicious. How can we help Thai people eat healthier without changing their regular meal?”

The plate is made much like a sponge with 500 holes perforated throughout. BBDO claims it can collect about a quarter ounce of grease, shaving off about 30 calories.

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It’s a good start, but the AbsorbPlate won’t really help anyone drop weight. One pound is equal to about 3,500 calories and those seeking to drop some poundage must decrease their calorie intake by at least 500 calories — either through diet or exercise — to drop one pound a week. The 30 sopped up by such a plate are only a tiny percentage of that.

Your best bet? Don’t rely on gimmicks to lose weight. Instead, count calories and clean up your diet a bit — and leave room for ice cream once in a while — and you’ll eventually get where you want to be, no matter what plate you use.

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