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Amazing teen boys are working to provide free tampons to girls at school

Show this the next time a friend or family member talks about how millennials are just the worst.

A group of boys at a high school in Connecticut is working to bring classmates free feminine hygiene products. They’re all a part of the Kiyama Movement, a group that “believes that self-improvement should be the goal of all human beings seeking to enhance the society in which we live.”

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It all started after they found out that 86 percent of women have started their period without access to care products like tampons or pads, according to the New Haven Register.

“This campaign is designed to promote the need for freely accessible tampons and pads in restrooms outside the home, including schools,” Michael Jefferson, founder of the Kiyama Movement, said.

Kiyama means “resurrection” and “Judgment Day” in Swahili, and the group was started to promote respect for life, sexual responsibility, commitment to fatherhood, respect for womanhood and economic accountability among young African American men.

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The group is raising both funds and taking donations to help stockpile the school with both tampons and pads that can be used by female students as needed. More importantly, they’re also helping their peers feel more comfortable about their bodies.

“This is an opportunity for us as young men to help diminish the inequality gap between males and females,” Samithasen Hubbard, a student leader from the group, told the paper. “I take pride in what we are doing.”

These boys — I mean, men — get it. Let’s hope other teens follow their lead around the country.

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