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Scorned ex-GF’s Game of Thrones revenge plot is worthy of an Emmy

Forget cutting up clothes and doing stuff with rotting fish. If you really want to hit a cheating ex where it hurts, you gotta involve their favorite TV show. We all hate a spoiler, right? Well, imagine someone ruined an entire season for you by telling you what happens before you watch each episode.

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This is exactly what happened to a 29-year-old guy whose ex used his beloved Game of Thrones to wreak revenge on him for cheating on her (several times.) She was so clever about it, he had to resort to seeking advice on Reddit for ways to make her stop.

The Monday after Season 6 of the show premiered, she messaged him on social media, and he revealed that he “thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on.” Alas, her message contained every spoiler from the first episode. Obviously she wasn’t going to stop with only one episode. After all, he didn’t cheat on her only once, right?

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The guy, who posted on Reddit under the username Khalessiscorned, quickly blocked the woman on his phone and all social media platforms, but she was one step ahead of him. She created multiple fake Facebook accounts to get messages to him and sent him texts from other people’s phones to make sure he new exactly what to expect from the next episode of Game of Thrones — before he’d had a chance to watch it.

“I know I didn’t treat her very well but I just want to watch my favourite show again,” he said. Unfortunately Reddit users didn’t have much sympathy for his plight, and some people even contributed to his punishment by sending him GoT spoilers themselves. After the Reddit thread (now deleted) went viral, hundreds of commenters took the opportunity to tell him what a cheating asshole he was. Just in case he hadn’t quite gotten the message.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the punishment fit the crime, but you have to hand it to the ex-girlfriend — she came up with a plot so brilliantly creative that surely Daenerys Targaryen herself would approve.

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