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Crazy cat couple had a dream wedding with 1,000 cats in attendance

As someone who’s getting married in four months (yikes!), I’ve been thinking a lot about details that would make our wedding truly special. Sadly one can’t happen no matter how much I’d love it to, and that is having our two cats in attendance. It wouldn’t work for many reasons, the most important being that it’s an outdoor wedding, and they’re indoor cats with rather skittish tendencies.

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While I’m sad I won’t see their meowing faces on our big day, I’m elated to know that other fellow cat ladies and gentlemen are finding ways to incorporate feline friends into their nuptials. Case in point: Canadian couple Dominic Husson and Louise Veronneau, who got married with 1,000 kitty guests in attendance.

These two lovebirds just made the top of my wedding inspiration board for thinking up something so adorable and surprisingly never before attempted. They got married this past Tuesday at The Cat House on the Kings, the largest no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary in California. If you know how many cat rescue organizations there are in California, you know that’s saying something.

The owner of The Cat House on the Kings, Lynea Lattanzio, who also officiated the couple’s wedding ceremony, is famous in her own right. She turned her 4,000-square-foot ranch and 12-acre property into a home for wayward cats after she realized local shelters were euthanizing them. She started rescuing 24 years ago when she retired, and her cat tribe just grew exponentially over time. She actually spent her entire retirement savings on the organization and now relies on donations from philanthropic cat lovers.

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Veronneau and Husson are such people, which is why they chose The Cat House as their wedding venue.

“I feel in love,” Veronneau told KFSN News. “I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing.” As such, in lieu of gifts, the couple is having friends and relatives donate to The Cat House on the Kings.

And her now-husband thoroughly agrees. “We are both animal lovers, and it was easy,” Husson told KFSN News. “She is a great person — that is why I married her.”

The bride came upon The Cat House four years ago when she was traveling through California. She was so taken with the place and all they do for cats that she vowed to return for a special occasion. And what could be more special than your wedding?

Just purrfect. Sorry, it couldn’t be helped.

Since the wedding was so unique, it was covered by several local news stations. Hopefully as a result of all this public attention, some of The Cat House’s residents will find forever homes.

And who knows? Perhaps it will become the definitive wedding venue for cat lovers? Personally, I’m now jonesing to have my bachelorette party there, so here’s hoping none of my bridesmaids is allergic.

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