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Crazy-amazing sex toys to go out with a bang during National Masturbation Month

May is officially #MasturbationMonth, and that means that you’re all busy getting your orgasm on, right? At least I hope you are! If you’re taking the #Ogame Challenge with me, you know that having a solo sex routine is a must, unless you have an energizer bunny of a partner who believes giving you orgasms is his or her second job.

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Even if you’re blessed with this kind of unicorn relationship, solo sex is still important for health and well-being. Regularly engaging in self-pleasure enables us to experiment with different kinds of touch, fueling different kinds of orgasms — from clitoral to vaginal to blended, G-spot orgasms.

So what’s new for your pussy (cat)?

Form 6
Image: Jimmyjane

Let’s begin with the newest offerings from my favorite sex toy company of all time — Jimmyjane. This San Francisco-based company has been on my radar since 2010, when I first discovered them and was so impressed that I included one of their toys in my book, Eco-Sex. (I called their Form 6 model life-changing, and I haven’t deviated from that review.)

Jimmyjane was the leading force in the explosion of amazing sex toys of the last half-decade (and the explosive orgasms that have followed). What I most love about this company is their commitment to sustainability and their well thought-out designs. They were one of the first sex toy companies to test and crowd-source their design concepts to make sure they really worked for women’s bodies. Before the early aughts, companies like this just didn’t exist.

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All their toys are made from body-safe silicone, and they’re made to last — this is what makes them so sustainable. The old-style, flimsy toys, vibrators and dildos included, were made of cheap, toxic plastics. Nobody needs phthalates near their nether regions. Jimmyjane recognized this and began making their toys with safety and pleasure in mind. Even better, all their designs are created in-house, instead of outsourced to companies in China, as so many other companies (still) do.

If there’s been any reason to criticize Jimmyjane, it’s that their high-quality toys necessitated an equally high price point, putting them out of reach for a certain segment of the population. But that’s no longer the case — because they’ve introduced a line of affordable toys, so now all of us can partake of their many pleasures.

From the new dual-motor vibrator to the slim smoothie vibrator and the curved G-spot vibrator, JJ’s new line of toys are similar to their higher-end products, but they’re all priced at $59 and under.

The first thrusting sex toy

Image: Fun Factory

Not all vibrators vibrate, and that brings us to the Game of Throne-esquely named Stronic Eins. (Doesn’t that sound like it could be Stannis’ long-lost brother?)

This sex toy actually thrusts — like a penis. If you like to use a dildo in a thrusting motion to mimic the experience of penetrative sex, this toy might be for you. This toy is silicone-based and body-safe. It’s USB-rechargeable, like a multitude of sex toys that have come on the market in the last few years. Many toy companies have attempted to design “hands-free” toys in recent years, including the Stronic. Although you might love the thrusting sensation, it might be a bit challenging to go all “look ma, no hands” with this toy. But if you prefer vaginal stimulation to clitoral, it might just be for you. Here’s a more in-depth review.

All hail the first feminist sex toy for partnered or solo sex: The Eva

The Eva
Image: Dame

This funny-looking toy from Dame Products is truly and successfully hands-free, and well worth it. Don’t be put off by its weird blue beetle appearance — it works as promised. It’s also USB-rechargeable and made of body-friendly silicone. It has three speeds, so you can find your sweet spot. The Eva is meant to rest on your clitoris, with the wings tucked into your labia, so that it stays in place. Although it’s designed to provide women with clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex (from which 70 percent of us typically cannot achieve orgasm), it also works for hands-free solo sex — just lie back and let the Eva do its thing. Founded by Alex and Janet, the Eva was initially crowd-funded on Indiegogo, and it retails for $105. Of all the new toys I’ve come across, this one is my fave.

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