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Gym tells woman her boobs are too big to work out there

A woman is claiming that her gym in Ottawa, Canada, accused her of wearing an inappropriate outfit to work out. Jenna Vecchio outed the Movati Athletic Club in Orleans, Ontario, after she claimed she was told her tank top was inappropriate and offensive due to her body type.

See below:
The gym has responded by saying the outfit was not as she described it and that it is standing by its position. The story has two sides, and while I can’t comment on the particulars since I wasn’t there, I will say that being shamed for having a large chest is nothing new. For any woman above a C cup, being told her chest is inappropriate is just par for the course.

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I remember as a teenager, with my DD’s, a friend’s dad told her to “never to trust a girl with big boobs.” Classy, right? I had more women than I can count tell me I was dressed inappropriately for showing cleavage or for wearing something any tighter than a burqa. It wasn’t just women. Men make assumptions about women with bigger chests too. They assume we are easy or just want attention or will be happy to go home with them because we are so sexual.

It’s pure nonsense. For all the flat-chested women who wish they could be bigger, these are the issues your bigger-chested sisters face every day.

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Obviously mine are natural, and I have no idea if Vecchio’s are. But it shouldn’t matter. Having breasts is not a crime. We have as much a right to wear half shirts or tank tops or tight clothing as anyone else has. If you don’t like it, avert your eyes.

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