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Bride finds the perfect engagement photo dress in her grandma’s closet

Shanna Wagnor didn’t have to look far to find the perfect dress for her engagement photos.

The California woman — set to marry her fiancé, Sean Lewis, in June — wore the same dress her grandmother wore on her wedding day 61 years ago.

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Her grandma chose the embellished midi-length dress when her soldier husband wrote a letter asking her to marry him. She promptly packed the dress — picked because it was light — and high-tailed it to Germany. Despite the significance of it, Wagnor’s grandma was supportive of her wearing it.

“She [her grandma] wasn’t sure what I was borrowing the dress for, but was happy to see it being used again. I asked if I could alter it (removed the scalloped detail at the neck) and she was luckily supportive since I wasn’t changing it too much,” she told Someecards.

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Though she’ll wear another dress for her upcoming wedding, Wagnor’s grandparents were “pleasantly surprised” to see their granddaughter wear it and her “grandfather couldn’t believe it was the same dress, and they were both happy to see it being worn again.”

The best part: She didn’t have to change much — and the only signs of wear came from a bit of yellowing that was fixed, according to BuzzFeed.

“I kind of felt like I was playing dress-up,” she said.

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