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8 grooms admit what they thought when their bride came down the aisle

When the doors to the ceremony open up wide, all eyes, ears and heads turn toward the bride as she takes her first couple of steps toward saying “I do” at the altar. Tears start spewing out of wedding guests’ eyes and oohs and ahhs become the unofficial background noise as she saunters past the people who mean the most to her in the entire world.

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But as she’s walking forward, some of the guests’ eyes, ears and heads will start to turn toward the groom. “I wonder what’s going through his head. Do grooms get cold feet in that moment? Do they secretly want to bust out into tears?” To put this questioning to rest, here’s the truth from eight grooms who admitted what went through their minds when they saw their bride walk down the aisle.

1. She is my everything

“I remember watching her walk toward me and I thought to myself that not only am I marrying the love of my life, but I’m marrying my best friend. Over the two years we dated before that moment, she became my everything. Never in my life was I so sure of anything until that very moment. I knew I made the right decision and I was just happy to watch her walk down the aisle.” – Jonathan C., 28

2. I can’t believe I’m doing this

“Weddings are a big deal. At mine, I couldn’t believe I was there in that moment. I couldn’t believe I had dated and then found the love of my life. I thought I’d be single and alone forever, and there I was, about to commit to someone forever. It was just unreal. It was just something I never imagined or predicted. It was just something I don’t think I could have ever been prepared for.” – Christian Y., 29

3. Stop crying, you big baby

“My friends and family were watching me and I just remember mouthing to myself that I need to not cry. One tear dripped down my face and I was worried that everyone would make fun of me for that. But man, this was an emotional moment. I got a pass on the tears and I don’t regret having them. She looked incredible.” – Michael R., 33

4. Don’t trip, please don’t trip

“My girl is a bit clumsy so I was just hoping she wouldn’t fall down the aisle. Her dress was long and she was nervous. I made eye contact with her and just crossed my fingers that she would make it up to the altar in one piece.” – Thomas W., 24

5. Play it cool

“I didn’t want to get emotional. I wanted to act strong. I tried to play it cool but when I saw all the wedding guests look at her, I let go for a second and jumped up and down like a kid. Nobody saw. I hope nobody saw?” – Roy P., 41

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6. Am I making a mistake?

“You can’t blame me for second-guessing everything in that moment. I had cold feet. But I couldn’t go anywhere. I was already up there and she was coming toward me. Forever is a long time and I just freaked out a little. But everything was fine. We got married and have been married, happily, for 10 years.” – Sam K., 34

7. I am the luckiest

“I felt so lucky in that moment. She was coming toward me… me! I felt special because of that. I wanted that moment to last forever. It was the greatest.” – Paul Y., 37

8. She looks stunning

“I’ve seen her on good days and bad days but on our wedding day, she looked flawless. I’ll always love her no matter what but I’ll also never be able to forget how great she looked on that day and in that moment.” – Oren K., 31

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