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New spinning class on wheels sounds like a nauseating nightmare

Have an iron stomach? We’ve found a new type of fitness class that’ll test that — and not because of the intensity.

The London-based 1Rebel plans to outfit a bus with spinning bikes so workout enthusiasts can get a HIIT workout in before hitting the office.

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It’ll work like this: The 1Rebel bus will pick up passengers from four centrally located pick-up points around London before commencing the 45-minute session. Afterward, the 1Rebel bus goes back to the main studio so commuters can get a shower and a protein shake before heading to work.

The fitness studio is working with architects to create the design — viewable here — but they haven’t yet received approval from the British government. If they do, the $20 class will start rolling this fall, according to Mashable.

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It sounds like a great way to motion sickness right before heading into work, though apparently over 1,000 people have signed up to be the first.

Also, it’s not exactly the commute-friendly class it makes itself out to be. Sure, you’ll get picked up, but what if your office isn’t anywhere close to the 1Rebel studio? You’ll have to find another mode of transportation to get to work.

We’re all for getting in consistent workouts, but this doesn’t seem like a dream. Why not just invest in a bike? You’ll get a ride to work and a workout at the same time.

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