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We dare you to hate this video of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Disregard the fact that this is a total plug for Keith Urban’s song “The Fighter.” It’s undeniably adorable.

I’ll wait while you kiss all those pre-existing thoughts you had about the couple goodbye. “She’s tall, he’s short, she acts, he sings, they’re boring.” Who cares! The look in their eyes, the way they spontaneously giggle, bob their heads and belt it out. They’re totally feeling it. They’re feeling each other. And I don’t care how corny it sounds.

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In the midst of Beyoncé and Jay Z making us question everything (apparently, it’s worse than we thought), we needed this. Sure, people break up and that’s fine. There’s no shame in it. But it’s still nice to see the happy moments. I’m under no illusion that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are perfect. This isn’t the full picture and their marriage has been through the ringer. But that’s what makes this all the more adorable.

Nicole and Keith
Image: Keith Urban/Facebook

One more….

Keith Urban car karaoke
Image: Keith Urban/Facebook

Sure, we are a celebrity-obsessed culture that glorifies celebrity relationships… but how can you not when social media delivers adorable videos like this on a silver platter waiting to be gobbled up?

Try to hate on this video all you want. Just try. It’s too cute. And you probably wont be able to get the song out of your head all day. Sorry, not sorry. Watch, repeat, go home and sing to your loved ones. Sing to your dog if you have to, but make sure you spread this infectious joy stat!

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