It’s time to stop being embarrassed about peeing when we sneeze

Who would’ve thought the catchiest song you’d hear all day would not be a Bieber earworm but rather an anthem in praise of peeing your pants? 

“I didn’t push three babies out of this vag to be sneakin’ around like a stray cat just cuz I am leakin'” begins the ridiculously adorable “Leaks Can’t Stop Me Now,” the latest YouTube video from those no-BS women’s health geniuses at HelloFlo. HelloFlo basically rewrote the rules on what can be irresistibly hilarious when it comes to women’s health — these are the people behind the laugh-’til-you-weep madness that is First Moon Party and the paean to the patron saint of periods, A Visit from Aunt Flo — and this latest masterpiece pushes the envelope even further.

After one of their own nearly dies of humiliation after a sneeze-and-pee at morning drop-off, a posse of moms takes over the elementary school, raids the costume closet and performs a highly choreographed dance routine to a Taylor Swift-worthy song in praise of… wetting your pants. The basic message is, “Look, I had some babies, now I sometimes pee at unexpected moments, but that doesn’t take away from my essential awesomeness, and if you disagree you can kiss my jogging, kickboxing, trampoline-kicking ass.”

The video is every bit as berserk and hilarious as you hope it will be, and it’s oddly successful at making Poise bladder-leakage pads seem kind of cool. It won’t make the indignity of peeing your pants vanish (Kegels, ladies, Kegels!), but you’ll definitely feel a little less alone the next time you have to “stop, cock a hip, squeeze… and sneeze” in mixed company.

This post was sponsored by POISE®. SheKnows is set to acquire HelloFlo in the spring of 2016.


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