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11 orgasm confessions to read before you go to bed tonight

Orgasms, for the most part, are very private. Unless you’re one of the girls from Sex and the City, going into detail about the level five O you achieved last night, is not exactly brunch time conversation. However, thanks to sites like Whisper, people can anonymously share their orgasmic tales with the world and feel absolutely no shame about it. As such, here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

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1. Sexual truth

Confession: When I touch myself I can only have an orgasm when I think of girls instead of guys F 18

… And some women don’t come to that conclusion until way later in life.

2. The other woman

Confession: I orgasm harder for my girlfriend than I do for my wife.

Yup, pretty sure there’s more than one confession in there.

3. Sex doesn’t do it for me

Confession: I've never had an orgasm with just having sex. Am I the only one?

Not at all! In fact, several studies have been done on this subject, and all it means is your vaginal anatomy is slightly different from others. Take your time experimenting with different positions, and you should find your O. In fact, here’s a response that might encourage you.

4. Oral was the only way

Yeah. I usually need oral to get me off. Now with my new boyfriend he can get me off with both and I love it.

See? Sometimes, it’s really just about finding the right person.

5. Impressing a friend

Confession: I practiced performing cunnilingus for years just so I could become good enough to make my gay friend orgasm.

Well, I’d certainly like to know how that story ends!

6. A good neighbor

My neighbor confessed today that her husband hasn't made her orgasm in years. I had to help her, it's what good neighbors are for. 26 F

Is that really what good neighbors are for? I thought they were more for stuff like getting your mail when you’re away on vacation, or watching your kids for the afternoon… I guess I’m behind the times.

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7. Those super rare ones

Confession: I've never really had those muscle spasms-mind explosion-like orgasms.

Ah, yes. Much like unicorns, those only come around when you least expect them.

8. The porn star

I have a confession, I slept with a retired pornstar, he gave me my first orgasm and I don't regret it at all.

Not what you thought, right?

9. Oui

Confession: I'm bilingual... But I only speak French in the peak of an orgasm

There’s no shame in letting your true, French flag fly.

10. The ultimate commitment

My confession? I love my gf and I plan on marrying her, but she's terrible in bed. I've faked orgasms.  It's bad, real bad.

If you’re going to take that leap together, you’ve got to get on the same page, sexually speaking.

11. The strangest time

Confession: I was getting a Pedicure and while getting my feet massaged (eye closed and relaxed) I almost had a ORGASM

Hey, they do say feet are the windows to the vagina. Maybe?

12. Impressive

So I just confessed to my best friend that my fastest orgasm time was 12 seconds...

Nobody likes a bragger.

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