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Teen Mom 2‘s grandma Babs is cruising guys on Tinder

Anyone who thinks grandmothers can’t play the field as well as their daughters doesn’t know Teen Mom 2‘s Barbara Evans. Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, or Babs as she’s more commonly known, is getting a spinoff dating web series, and for research sake, she thought it would be a good idea to try the world’s premiere hookup site — Tinder.

However, according to Radar Online, she was not the biggest fan. “Babs tried Tinder but didn’t like it,” said a source. “The producers helped her meet the guys.” Now that’s what I call a pressurized dating situation — the people funding your show set you up with a bunch of prospective dates who may be broadcast to the world. I’d take my great aunt setting me up on dates with the sons of her ladies’ book club group any day over that.

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While Babs is no relationship novice, she is somewhat new to the dating game (hence her aversion to competitive hookup apps like Tinder). You might recall she had a longtime boyfriend named Mike in past seasons. According to the same source who revealed her Tinder dabbling, she and Mike were more than just boyfriend/girlfriend — they were actually engaged for six years.

Sadly the couple did split about a year and a half ago, because of irreconcilable differences. They apparently didn’t see eye-to-eye on a bunch of issues, and thus fought a ton.

However, now that it’s been a substantial amount of time since the breakup, Teen Mom 2 producers felt like it was high time for Babs to get back out there. Let’s hope Babs is onboard too, and not just going ahead with the new reality show for contractual/monetary reasons.

According to the clip on MTV’s news site, Babs hasn’t actually been on a date date (aka not relationship date) since 2000, so she’s got a lot of catching up to do. “My kids don’t even ever consider me having fun. So I’d like to have a little more fun in my life before, you know, I die.” Totally valid point, Babs.

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The show is aptly named “A Bae for Babs”, and is exactly as it sounds — Babs goes on fun/weird dates with prospective suitors, and rates them at the end. In the teaser clip, she goes to an oxygen bar with a nice-seeming guy who shows her pictures of his grandkids. Babs takes that as a good sign, but neither are too jazzed about the date locale (a bar where two older people have to wear oxygen masks? Really, producers??). At the end, Babs gave the guy an eight out of 10 hearts and suggests a second date could be in their future.

Will babs end up finding her soulmate through this quirky dating web series? Probably not, but at least she’ll have some fun stories to tell her grandkids. You can check out the first episode of “A Bae for Babs” on MTV’s website now, and relish in the dating awkwardness.

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