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Disney World just announced the ultimate wedding venue

If you’ve spent your whole life dreaming of a royal wedding, boy, do I have some good news for you. Disney just announced that you can now get married in front of the iconic Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World. If you’re not familiar, watch the opening credits to literally any Disney movie for a refresher. I’ll wait… Yeah, that castle. So if you want to have the wedding you saw in the original Cinderella (which some call the definitive dream wedding), now you can, complete with gilded carriages, horses and even royal trumpeters. Who says dreams don’t come true?

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According to the Disney Weddings blog, the site is not actually in front of the castle gates, but a little off to the side, in the lovely and secluded East Plaza Garden. While that might be disappointing to some Disney brides, when you see it, you’ll realize it’s the far superior spot. After all, you don’t want tourists constantly walking through your ceremony site and taking selfies, do you?

Besides, the most important aspect of a good wedding site are the photo ops, and this new spot has all the right angles. Just take a look at what could be your backdrop on your big day.

Image: Disney Weddings
Image: Disney Weddings

Seriously? Seriously. That is just the most insane view I’ve ever seen in Disney World, and I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom eight times (#NotAshamed). Can we talk about those roses and flower petal designs? No, I don’t think we can, because there are simply no words to describe their majesty. If you want more wedding eye candy, here’s a short video on the new site and the perks of having a Disney World wedding.

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(Wiping away tears) So I got a little weepy — what of it? The truth is, no matter how jaded life makes you, you may never grow out of your appreciation for a storybook wedding.

Since the site is right at the end of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, it’s more secluded than most other Disney wedding sites, but you’ll still be privy to all the usual Disney wedding benefits. You’ll arrive in Cinderella’s classic glass pumpkin coach pulled by six white horses. Meanwhile, your wedding party will be brought over in a “classic turn-of-the-century Main Street Vehicle.” Most important, each package comes with your own Disney wedding planner, who’s essentially like your fairy godmother without the wand (but with all the magical powers). However, you’ll have to bring your own glass slippers and mice helpers.

The garden is available to book immediately, and you can check out all the various packages on Disney’s weddings and honeymoons website.

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