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Brutally honest art project shows the reality of Tinder dating

This video will hit close to home if you’ve ever met up with someone you met on Tinder or any other dating site.

Britain-based artists Andy Leek and Daniela Sea both swiped right on Tinder earlier this year. After talking, they decided to go on a date on one condition: Each side would film before, during and after the date — and then they’d splice the videos together.

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What happens next is a brutally honest take on first impressions and dating in the digital area. Both film their date preparation process — and Leek seems more hopeful than Sea — and they eventually meet. Over drinks, the pair take turns going outside to film their thoughts.

“I don’t think I will have a crush on him,” Sea says at one point, eventually adding that he “looks like one of my gay best friends” and that she couldn’t imagine falling for someone who looks like him. She does note that he has “really amazing energy,” though, and she warms up to him throughout the night.

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Leek eventually tells the camera that he’s going to try to kiss her, and he follows through. We won’t spoil the ending of the date, but will say that their meet-up about a month later to talk about the project — and all of their honesty — is pretty awkward. Let’s just say we’re glad we’ve never had to own up to our own thoughts post-date.

The 25-minute video is long, but worth it — it’ll either make you happy you’ve never had to endure a similar date or cringe at how closely it resembles your typical meet-ups.

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