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Students use Snapchat to find each other in most Millennial dating story ever

It turns out Snapchat can be used for much more than sending Face Swaps and filtered selfies to your friends.

It also helps fate find two people.

Let me explain. It all started when a student at the University of Wisconsin used Snapchat to blast out a video that, in part, showed a cute tall guy in a Minnesota Vikings jersey. One girl noticed and used the app’s geotagging feature to enlist the help of the whole university to find this cute dude.

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And the whole university watched Memorial Library Girl and Vikings Guy send messages back and forth in a quest to meet.

“Guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW snap story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me,” she sent in the Snap.

“To the girl from the Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first snap but that’s OK,” he responded. “Maybe if it’s fate they’ll post this one. Meet me here.”

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She soon responded.

“Sorry I didn’t know you’d replied to my video so I missed the 8.30 at the Discovery Center. But if it’s fate I’ll see you out tonight,” she continued.

He replied: “I’ve got a project to finish up here but I can probably make it out later for a drink. Let me know when and where.”

From there, fellow students waited with bated breath to find out if they’d meet. “You can sit right there and do your project or you can get your ass up and you can find that girl, man. She’s looking for you, man,” one guy said in a Snap to Vikings Guy.

“I’m sitting here refreshing my Snapchat every 30 seconds so I can get updates from Vikings Fan and Memorial Library Girl,” another student added. “Hope you guys meet up tonight.”

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And then, it happened: “I found her!!!!!!” he wrote after they found each other at The KK, apparently a UW hotspot.

No word on if the two are dating, but at least two students bet $20 that they’ll get married. Will it be the first Snapchat wedding? Let’s hope.

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