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Women are airing out their dirty sex stories on Twitter and men are pissed

News flash: Guys are not the only ones with balls when it comes to having sexual escapades. Thanks to Sex and the City, it’s pretty common knowledge that women are perfectly capable of (and often enjoy) having casual sex, or “having sex like men” as the show called it. However, despite all the progressive gender equality steps we as a culture have taken over the past couple decades, it appears men still can’t deal with women catching up to them on the sexual prowess scale. Perhaps it’s time to start a new gender stereotype — men can’t handle a little competition.

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Oloni, a well-known, London-based sex/relationship blogger, wanted to find out just how sexually adventurous women have gotten recently. So she took to Twitter and posted this provocative tweet:

She stipulated she wanted her lady followers to be brave and recount their original sex-scapades rather than relay ones from other girlfriends. She also helped stir the pot by giving them jumping-off points like, “have you had sex with two guys in one day?” and “f**ked your girl’s man right under her nose?” Since Oloni has over 13,900 followers (a large majority of which appear to be women), you can bet her sexual survey got some significant attention. Here’s a smattering of some of our favorite stories that were shared:

I call this one ‘breakup sex spiral’

Work time and ‘business time’

A complicated math problem

I kissed a girl, and then a guy, and then back to the girl
The best part of all these crazy sex stories is how much the ladies own them. They’re not embarrassed or ashamed, they’re just telling it like it happened and, in many cases, laughing about it in retrospect. However, rather than laughing with them (especially since the majority of guys have regaled their friends with similar stories), many tried to tear these ladies down for being too “outspoken.”

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And those are the nicer comments. Essentially, the thread created some serious trust issues in few guys who thought they were the only ones getting away with deviant behavior. The confessions are bold, to say the least, and I think most men really believed their lady friends weren’t capable of such things. Of course, as the thread indicates, we women know (and do) better. So while there was some masculine shade thrown throughout, for the most part, it rolled right off of Oloni’s female followers’ backs.

It’s awesome when forums pop up like this on public platforms, because they give women the chance to get real without the fear of any serious persecution. Oloni provided her mouthpiece and took on all the backlash, because she knew it would be more than worth it in the long run. You go, Oloni, I’ll work on my stories for your next online empowerment circle.

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