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Learn how to do a breast exam by watching some man boobs

Women’s nipples are so highly offensive that even instructional videos — likes ones that demonstrate the best way to conduct a breast exam — are often taken down because they show female anatomy. 

It’s ridiculous, not only because every human has nipples, but also because there are some real health problems that happen around those nipples that women — especially young women who use social media on a daily basis — need to understand.

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That’s why an Argentinean nonprofit got creative with its new breast exam video. The new instructional by Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama (MACMA) starts by showing a topless female who is (naturally) censored.

“Women’s boobs — particularly their nipples — are censored in certain social networks, even when showing how to perform breast self-examinations to detect early breast cancer,” a voiceover explains. “But we found boobs that aren’t censored: Henry’s.”

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The video — appropriately named #ManBoobs4Boobs — demonstrates the proper way to conduct a self exam using Henry’s hairy (and voluptuous) chest. It’s easy-to-follow and short, so much so that it doesn’t seem so daunting to do once a month, which is how often the American Cancer Society recommends that women perform the exams.

Also worthy of a mention: Using man boobs also reinforces that men can suffer from breast cancer, too. Men are 100 times less likely to develop the disease, but the American Cancer Society estimates that 440 men will die of it in 2016.

So, ladies, check your boobs — and men, check those man boobs, too. These exams could save your life, even if making a video of it will get you kicked off Instagram.

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