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The definitive guide to having sex in public

A recent survey conducted by sex toy company Adam & Eve asked 1,000 American adults if they’ve had sex in public. Fifty-two percent said yes. The top three locations? In a parked car, the woods and the park.

Admit it. You’ve thought about getting it on in an off-limits location. But taking sex to the next, very visible, step is a big deal.

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There are lots of places to do it in public beyond the usual suspects. Think public bathrooms, the beach, movie theaters and department store fitting rooms. I know a few airplane bathroom devotees, but the logistics of hooking up in such a tight space baffles me. If you’re not ready to commit to full-blown public sex, you can always test run the idea by keeping a door, window or blind of your home open. Another idea is to have sex in front of a hotel window. (Trust me, it’s pretty hot.) The key is to be fast, quiet and sneaky.

Be chameleons

It may seem strange to coordinate your clothing to a place of deviance, but this is an important, but often overlooked, detail. If you’re getting it on in the great outdoors, you want to wear colors that blend in. Likewise, if you’re in the back row of a movie theater, dark colors are best. The key is to minimize attention, visually or otherwise.

Bring the right gear

Unless you want to sacrifice your soft parts, bring a blanket to cushion the pushin’. If you hook up on the beach or in a park, scratched up knees and elbows are no fun. Then again, you may wear such aftermath as a badge of honor. Plan accordingly. Nobody wants sand, sticks or blackberry thorns in unwanted spots.

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Skip underwear

I’m all about sexy skivvies – unless they’re going to slow me down. If time is of the essence, which it almost always is in public sex scenarios, skip the undies. It’s one less garment to slip off and on. And even if you slide them down to your ankles, you’re still limiting your mobility, which is key in the freestyle world of public sex. If you must wear panties, there are crotchless options that allow for, umm, easy access.

Remember that silence is golden

Moan loudly in the bedroom, but don’t make a peep when it comes to public sex. The key to pulling off this elusive act is to fly under the radar. Although it goes against every sex-loving bone in my body, stifle your screams and whisper any dirty talk — now is not the time to be vocal.

Say goodbye to foreplay

I love foreplay as much as the next woman. In fact, most of us need on average 20 to 30 minutes of arousal to climax. Sorry to break it to you, but unless you’ve stumbled upon the perfect storm of public sex privacy, that’s simply not going to happen. However, by the time I’m lifting my skirt and grabbing onto a park tree, I’m so hot and bothered that it takes minimal effort to make me come.

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Don’t get arrested

I like public nudity but not enough to get locked up for it. If you’re worried about your image or criminal record, check out your state’s laws on indecent exposure. In some states, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor, while others require those convicted to register as a sex offender. Seriously. On the bright side, there are no federal laws either for or against nudity.

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