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This beautiful wedding dress isn’t a wedding dress at all

A few months ago, a British cake designer astounded everyone when she created a cake in the shape of herself and her new husband.

That creation was incredible, but a new cake featured at Cake International London 2016 absolutely blows it out of the water.

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Just take a look at this dress — pretty beautiful, right? Don’t get your hopes up, though, because it’s actually all cake.
Sylvia Elba, a multi-award winning cake sculptor, was tasked with creating the “Weddible Dress,” according to a post on Cake International’s Facebook page.

“She was asked to produce an exhibit based purely on wafer paper to showcase how versatile it can be” and partnered with “Yvette Marner, a multi-award winning cake sculptor and founder of Fun N Funky Cakes; and Ilinka Rnic, who has an Art, Design and Photography background and is also multi-award winning cake designer,” the post said.

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The life-size dress was made with approximately 77 pounds of fondant, 7 pounds of cake lace, 10 bottles of Fabriliquid and thousands of sheets of wafer paper — all packed into a form that measures in at 47 inches tall and 87 inches around.

“The Weddible Dress” was featured in an exhibit at the festival over the weekend, but our question: When is it going to be cut up? Let’s hope they preserve it, because that’s a whole lot of work for something that’ll just end up in people’s stomachs anyway.

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