Couple’s wedding photos go viral for all the wrong reasons

Imagine this scenario: You recently got married and just received the portraits of the day from your trusted wedding photographer.

Excited, you click the link to the gallery, but what you find aren’t flawless wedding photos. Instead, all you find is horrible picture after horrible picture — basically, all your photos are ones that should’ve been deleted to make way for the real photos.

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Sounds like a nightmare, but it’s sadly the reality for one couple.

Singapore-based bride Jaclyn Ying and her husband got a referral for their photographer from a “pretty reputable bridal shop.” They didn’t get to pick the actual photographer, but felt comfortable enough with past work to sign on the dotted line.

Everything went fine on their wedding day, but the resulting photos were bad — “Like, first-date-and-you-clog-the-toilet-with-your-pangsai bad. Or, trust-a-fart-and-a-bit-of-poop-comes-out bad,” Ying wrote in a Facebook post, along with the photos.

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“So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?” she continued. “Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!”

Image: Jaclyn Ying/Facebook

The album is cringeworthy, with photos that capture the couple — and their guests — at their most awkward. Some of the photos also featured weird effects with highlights on random things, like a “welcome” sign on a doorway.

Ying wrote that they’re hoping to get a refund for the disappointing photos, adding that the point is not to “flame and shame” the photographer

“Nothing is going to take away the fact that our wedding photos by this dude are pretty much ruined,” she wrote. “We just wanted to share some of these hilariously bad photos with everyone, so sorry ar (sic) if your unglam face is in this.”

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