We are not laughing hard enough about our periods, but that’s about to change

Apr 12, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Let me tell you about my period.

It comes every 27 days, it lasts for exactly four days, and two and a half to three of those days are a nasty grotesquerie of gut-seizing cramps, fluish fatigue, corpselike flatulence and general unspecified malaise that in the most clichéd fashion will sometimes just level me or leave me sobbing on the subway because someone accidentally stepped on my foot.

I know, I know: The menstrual cycle is beautiful, it’s part of the miraculous process whereby I could cook and hatch a baby from my own body, conjuring the moon, the tides, sisterhood, the red tent, etc. But in the grip of my “monthly bill,” I find very little to celebrate. I don’t feel like Boticelli’s Venus, I don’t marvel at the self-cleaning oven that is my uterus and, try as I might, I certainly don’t find anything funny about it.

Thank God, then, for the latest video from HelloFlo, the people who made us laugh about our first periods with their legitimately hilarious and deservedly viral videos, First Moon Party and The Camp Gyno. Today, they’ve given a gift to those of us who have been ambivalently enduring our periods for decades now: their latest video, Aunt Flo.

Aunt Flo has come for a visit
Image: HelloFlo

Of all the euphemisms for menstruation, "Aunt Flo" was always the one that made the least sense to me: Your period truly does come at “that time of the month,” it is a “crimson wave” and is unwelcome like “a monthly bill.” I like to imagine the folks at HelloFlo felt the same way, because they’ve personified Aunt Flo — she’s a kindly, middle-aged woman in a red suit that kind of looks like a bellhop’s uniform. And just as HelloFlo did with its earlier videos, they’ve found a way that’s original, clever and Wes Andersonishly irresistible to actually make my period funny.

Now if they could just do something about the cramps.

Disclosure: SheKnows is set to acquire HelloFlo in the spring of 2016.