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California man gets stuck on a cliff after proposing to his girlfriend

One man’s best-laid plans to propose to his girlfriend led to an emergency rescue — and a bill from the city.

Michael John Paul Banks had the bright idea to scale a rock in Morro Bay, California, right before sunrise Thurday. He then FaceTimed — yes, really, FaceTimed — his girlfriend and asked for her hand in marriage.

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Afterward, Banks tried to climb down a steep side of the rock and got stuck. He screamed for help, and emergency crews eventually made it to the rock to rescue him, but they had to use a helicopter to get him down.

The whole thing was caught on video.

All’s well that ends well? Kind of. Climbing the rocks at Morro Bay is super illegal because, duh, it’s super dangerous.

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“The gentleman will be billed for the chopper ride and other related costs,” the City of Morro Bay wrote on Facebook. “We are glad all involved are OK, and appreciate the hard work of our first responders.”

Banks was arrested for trespassing and later released, according to KEYT-TV. He was later arrested for possession of a controlled substance and for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

So, that kind of explains the whole proposal idea in the first place.

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And for anyone thinking of doing something similar?

“Climbing Morro Rock is illegal and dangerous,” city reps wrote in the Facebook post. “We hope folks will choose to view it from below, saving themselves and our fire responders time and money and protecting everyone’s safety.”

At least Banks’ girlfriend said yes.

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