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Model says she was asked not to eat or work out

Zuzanna Buchwald is a stunning Polish model. You would never know from looking at her gorgeous photos where she looks healthy and sexy, but for years she was neither able to eat or exercise in order to fit the perfect, skinny image she was trying to achieve.

She agreed. And over time she developed both anorexia and later bulimia. She says her hair started falling out and her skin was gray and she was about as unhealthy as she could be, while also “modelling” the picture of perfect health. See her story below:

Startling, isn’t it? We all know these stories of the fashion industry. We all know they are true. But even so, most of us flip through the magazines or see the photos online and wonder why we don’t look more like the photos. They all seem so impossibly perfect. And that’s just it. It really is impossible. To not eat or exercise is to deny all the real opportunities in life for health and wellness.

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We all like to judge overweight people and say whether they are healthy or not. This one will have back trouble. That one may have heart issues. But the reality is we have no idea how healthy or unhealthy someone is. Skinny does not automatically mean health any more than fat automatically denotes a lack of it.

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We have to get past these false markers. Today, Zuzanna is speaking out to let others know what she went through in the hopes that the fashion industry — and the women in it — will know how wrong it is. Maybe that will never happen, but as consumers, we can choose what we believe and how we look at people. This is real beauty. This is Zuzanna today:

Healthy. Happy. Well nourished. That is what we should be looking to for beauty advice.

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