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4 health and beauty tips I’d give my 20-something self

I’m always trying to work on ways to improve myself, in all areas of my life. It’s a funny journey now being in my 30’s, and looking back at my 20’s and reflecting on all the positive changes and habits I’ve made throughout the years. Some of it is hilarious to think about now: like how I would easily sleep in until noon every day and now I’m lucky if I can sleep past 6:30 AM. Or how I would literally not go a day without dessert. Instead of being a treat, dessert was a staple in my diet.

All of the habits I have created have shaped me into a more harmonious 31-year-old, and I wanted to share with you a few tips that have really helped me feel at peace, and that I wish I’d adopted just a little sooner! As much as we all want to live spontaneously, routine is a great thing to have in place.

1. Make good food choices

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Eat a lot of healthy veggies, lean proteins, and drinking lots of water! I try to live the 80/20 rule, which makes me feel at my best and keeps my body operating at an optimum level. I used to live for dessert, and now I like to enjoy it from time to time to treat myself. When you can make the shift, it really makes you understand how much food has an effect on your body and how good you feel when you’re eating well.

2. Get enough sleep

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Give yourself 8 hours if at all possible. I try to make sleep a priority. It truly gives me the energy to be my best during the day, and helps me keep my head on straight. When I’m not sleeping enough, I overdo it with coffee, I crave unhealthy food, I can get irritable, and I don’t have as much positive focus to be creative in my work. Sleep is so important from the inside out, and gives us an overall feeling of peace and center when you get enough.

3. Move your body

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I talk about this a lot on my blog, but moving your body is SO important. Find something that makes you happy to take the time to do, and stick with it! You will notice that if you are routinely moving your body, you feel much more balanced. You need a physical and mental release, and exercise is the best way to get it. I am one to get addicted to different styles of gyms, and my addiction as of lately is hot yoga. It’s a vinyasa flow, and the room is heated between 80-90 degrees. It’s enough to truly cleanse the body from the inside out, and I leave feeling extra glowy.

4. Keep all parts of your body hydrated

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It’s not just about drinking plenty of water. I’m always concerned about keeping my skin fresh, hydrated, and full of glow, so I have made it a point to use products in the shower that are going to give me optimum care and moisture. I have always been a fan of Dove since I was a teenager and I love their newest Dove Dry Oil Body Wash and Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar. Both are both made with Moroccan Argan Oil, which leaves your skin softer and smoother. Dry skin cannot retain moisture, making softer, smoother skin more difficult to obtain. For women who want to shower away dry skin, the Dove Dry Oil range with Moroccan Argan Oil nourishes and protects from dry skin in the shower. What an important step in our daily routines!

Combine these simple tips you will be well on your way to being the best version of yourself (a lot sooner than I was!).

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Dove and SheKnows

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