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3 tips for beating wedding blues from a plus-size bride

I am a bride-to-be — a plus-size one at that — and as my wedding quickly approaches, I often find myself both ecstatic at the thought of marrying the man I love and upset that I have not accomplished all I had expected to by now.

As a plus-size woman, I struggled for many years to find beautiful clothes that fit well, and I’ve finally found what I am looking for in the amazing community that exists now for the curvy girl. However, when it comes to my wedding, there are so many pressures and ideas put upon us by society.

Image: Jorge Macias Photography

My expectations for my wedding day mostly have to do with my body and how I will look. This is difficult to admit as a plus-size style influencer and body-positive advocate, but it’s the truth. I imagined myself walking down the aisle a few sizes smaller — still plus size but just a bit svelter. This did not happen, despite my honest attempts to ditch a few pounds. But my fiancé adores me just the way I am and truly embraces me for me. He begs to squeeze my love handles and worships my every pound.

That said, here are a few ways I break out of any bridal blues (and they’re also incredibly applicable to the mommy blues, teacher blues — you get it!!!)

Image: Jorge Macias Photography

1. Pamper yourself

Whenever I am feeling down about anything, I do what I can to make myself feel more joyful and elevate my mood. Whether I have the budget to go to the spa and get a facial or just do a little aromatherapy and great bath at home, a little me-time can go a long way. I’ll light my favorite grapefruit candle and curl up with a book or turn up Spotify and have a mini-dance party. Taking a step back from the planning and stress and just connecting with myself can really help me disconnect and regroup.

Tip: I’m loving Dove Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash, which has argan oil in it. Seriously, just turning up the heat in the shower and lathering up a little longer than usual can totally feel like a splurge.

2. Let it go

Sing out loud. Wear something bright. Put on that red lipstick. Embrace who you are and all that is you by letting a little loose. It may seem trivial, but just wearing a happy or soothing color can change your entire outlook on the day. Better yet, grab some girlfriends and dress sassy together. When I’m not feeling my best, getting dolled up can instantly help me feel more fab!

Tip: Need a new BFF? Check out the Bumble app’s new Friend feature.

3. Retail therapy

Shopping with girlfriends isn’t always the easiest, so there are some amazing plus-size fashion brands online. When I need a pick-me-up, I visit some of my favorite curvy-girl clothes sites to shop for something trendy that will make my day! If it’s in season and the other gals are rockin’ it, I want in! I push myself to break the rules and participate in the fashion moment.

Tip: Low on funds? Do some online window shopping, and create the wish lists of your dreams! I find that it does the trick because by the time you get your online purchases, you’re usually out of your funk!

It’s up to you (and me) to adopt a positive outlook on our bodies and how we treat them. From pampering your skin to putting on some fabulous clothes, it’s tough out there sometimes and we have to be sweet to ourselves! Make the choice to be kind to yourself and embrace all that is you. Now I’m going for a walk and indulging in some seriously dark chocolate!

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Dove and Sheknows

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