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250-pound pig is the star of this couple’s engagement photos

Many couples choose to feature their children or beloved pets in their engagement photos, but it’s not often that these couples are completely upstaged by them.

Then again, most people don’t keep an adorable 250-pound pig as a pet.

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The first male in Kristen Hartness’s life wasn’t her fiancé, Jay Yontz. It was her pig, Ziggy. She adopted him five years ago while living in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He was supposed to be a tiny teacup pig, but he kept growing. Yontz came into the picture two years ago and quickly learned that Hartness and Ziggy were a package deal.

Luckily, he was cool with it.

“Ziggy does everything with us, so it only made sense to have our baby boy with us,” Hartness told BuzzFeed. “Jay isn’t only marrying me.”

The trio now travels the country in a motorhome — not exactly easy with a pig that weighs more than each person does, but they make it work.

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“Ziggy is our child, our entire world. We mold our lives to fit him,” Hartness continued. They had the photos taken outside because that’s where Ziggy loves to be — especially in the dirt and water.

“Ziggy felt the need to photobomb as many as he could,” Hartness said. “It makes sense because he is always glued to our side.”

They’re planning a small wedding for spring 2017, but their future plans are much bigger.

“Instead of having a big wedding, we’d like to use all the money going toward it to be funneled into the sanctuary, and we want friends and family to donate to help start it,” she said. “It’s always been a dream of ours. We want to offer the love we give to Ziggy to many other farm animals out there.”

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