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Buying condoms is now literally as simple as pushing a button

Imagine this scenario: You’re getting frisky with your S.O. when you reach over to the nightstand and pick up the box of condoms. It’s empty. What do you do?

You simply push a button, then wait two days for your new condoms to arrive and then commence nookie.

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Wait, what? That’s the idea behind the Trojan Dash Button — a partnership with Amazon that makes ordering condoms as easy as pushing a button, because that’s all you have to do. Here’s how it works: You buy the button from Amazon for $4.99 and it’s connected to your Prime account. Every time you push the button, a new shipment will be created and delivered to your door.

It’s supposed to make running out a thing of the past, because you stick the button in a place where you regularly keep your condoms so you’re reminded each time.

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Pretty genius, actually.

Not in the market for condoms? Amazon now offers Dash Buttons for a ton of different products, including a Carefree button and a Stayfree button for all your period needs.

You also get a credit for the $4.99 cost of the button after you make your first purchase.

So, order that Dash button if you’re constantly running out of condoms — or, give it to that S.O. who constantly “forgets” to get them. No more excuses.

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